This is the website of Vincent Di Stefano, author of Holism and Complementary Medicine. Origins and Principles. It offers an exploration of the nature of healing in all its dimensions, personal, spiritual, social, institutional, political and planetary. It also provides a wide range of resources for all with an interest in the nature of deep healing, especially for those who would become skillful and compassionate agents of change in the present time.


The material presented herein has been gathered over three decades of work as a practitioner, teacher and advocate of complementary medicine in Australia. I have throughout that time maintained an active practice in osteopathy, Western herbal medicine and naturopathic medicine. I have concurrently served as an educator and advocate of natural medicine, at both institutional and community levels throughout that time.

Healing is a mysterious process. It partakes of more than linear and rational interpretations. Although biomedicine has plumbed the depths of materiality, it seems to have somehow missed the mind and often dismissed the soul that underlies and oversees our material vicissitudes. As has been shown by so many throughout history, we live by more than bread alone. Our thoughts and actions, our unions and estrangements, our joys and despairs, our dreams and our nightmares all infuse and influence the reality that we inhabit.

About This Site

Much of this site is dedicated to providing a scholarly and cultural resource for all who have an interest in the healing process in all its dimensions. It is more qualitative than positivist in orientation, being committed to the paradigms that inform both holistic consciousness and complementary medicine. It draws upon historical, cultural and artistic perspectives in addition to those that relate to personal, social and environmental healing. The materials presented on this site offer an integrative and holistic view of both healing and of the world within which we find ourselves.

Although Holism and Complementary Medicine. Origins and Principles provides a foundational pivot for this site, there is much material here that ranges far beyond the ideas presented in the book.

THE BOOK page offers three downloadable sample chapters of Holism and Complementary Medicine. These will give some idea of the book’s style and content. This page also offers links to a number of published reviews of the book.

THE THESIS page will be of particular interest to research students in the natural medicines as it reproduces my M.H.Sc. thesis presented at Victoria University in December 1998, “The Meaning of Natural Medicine. An Interpretive Study” in its entirety. The thesis itself carries much material that does not appear in the book. As an interpretive study, the thesis focuses more on the explication of depth discussions with educator/practitioners of a number of modalities of natural medicine than on providing a conceptual framework of the principles that underlie the practice of holistic and complementary medicine.

The ARTICLES page carries links to number of articles, interviews and audio productions that have been published or presented over the past 35 years. It is hoped that these may provide a useful additional resource for interested readers.

The BOOK REVIEWS page begins to range a little further than the domains circumscribed in Holism and Complementary Medicine. This page offers reviews with selected excerpts from a number of literary sources that have been influential both in the making of the book and, in a more personal sense, the development of an holistic view of life.  It is hoped that these reviews will encourage readers to seek out the original texts wherein lies the greater nourishment.

The INTEGRAL REFLECTIONS page offers an extension of many of the ideas presented in Holism and Complementary Medicine, particularly those related to social, political, environmental and spiritual healing. Integral Reflections carries a range of substantive essays, review articles and poetic pieces that explore the broader dimensions of healing at personal, social, spiritual and environmental levels. Integral Reflections also offers a number of audio presentations that can be streamed or downloaded as mp3 files. This page invites a more interactive and leisurely exploration of the ideas and the themes that underlie The Healing Project.

The DANTE’S GHOST page offers a number of audio pieces – both original works and interpretive renditions of the works of established poets. Poetry and spoken word will often address the deeper and more perplexing strata of human experience and can bring deep healing to the domains of intellect, memory, spirit and emotion. This page also carries a PDF copy of Lines from the Edge of Darkness, a collection of 13 original poems that address the reality of war and preparations for war.

The SATAN’S CAULDRONS page was created in June 2016. It offers a progressive exploration of many aspects of the nuclear project. Nuclear Reactors were born of the will to create weapons of immense destructive power three generations ago. The invisible storm of radioactive atoms now dispersed through land, water and air has grievously poisoned the earth, her creatures and an increasingly ailing humanity. Despite its noxious effects at every level of the biosphere, this insane method of boiling water continues to be championed by those in high places.

Take some time as you explore The Healing Project. You will find herein much nourishment and pause for reflection. We trust that these offerings will enable you to identify more clearly your own role in the great work of healing that is called for in the present time.