Satan’s Cauldrons

Nuclear Reactors are an insult to all of life. They were born of the will to create weapons of immense destructive power three generations ago. The invisible storm of radioactive atoms now dispersed through land, water and air has grievously poisoned the earth, her creatures and an increasingly ailing humanity. And yet this insane method of boiling water continues to be championed by those in high places. Satan’s Cauldrons will progressively and substantively explore the many deadly faces of the nuclear project.

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Recent Posts

As the Sun Sets on the Nuclear Wasteland (December 27th, 2016)

“If a person persists in acting in ways that are damaging to their health, a point will be reached beyond which their capacities will inevitably decline, if not collapse. In a similar way, if we continue to collectively live in ways that are fundamentally damaging to the earth and her creatures, thresholds will be crossed beyond which unpredictable and inevitably damaging consequences will result. This is effectively the story of industrial/technological civilisation as it has unfolded over the past century.” ( . . . read more . . . )

Poison in the Heart. The Nuclear Wasting of South Australia (July 21st, 2016)

“Our planet is deeply burdened. It presently harbours 390,000 tons of high level nuclear waste produced by nuclear reactors and weapons programs over the past 70 years. Spent nuclear fuel is one of the most dangerous materials on earth. Most of it is stored underwater in numerous cooling ponds throughout the world. High level nuclear waste is dangerous to all life for unthinkable periods of time. Plutonium, which is produced in every nuclear fuel rod, has a toxic lifespan of 240,000 years. With each passing year, a further 10,000 tons of spent fuel is added to the world’s accumulated stores of deadly waste. In addition to the spent fuel from nuclear reactors, vast amounts of lower-level radioactive waste lie scattered in mining sites, tailings dams, undersea dumps and soil-borne contamination on every continent.” ( . . . read more . . . )

The Devil’s Century (June 3rd, 2016)

“Our present generation is living out of the spiritually vacuous philosophies of modernism and post-modernism, the cancerous ideologies of free-market economics and unrestrained economic growth, and the corporate and political tyrannies that have nurtured an energised ethos of transience. The triumphalism of modernity has effectively wiped from our collective memories a coherent view of just what has gone down in the flourish and flash of the late twentieth century. The immensity of human misery and the degree of cultural waste wrought over the past century have been largely forgotten.” ( . . . read more . . . )