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This discussion between Mary Allan and Vincent Di Stefano explores not only aspects of herbal medicine, but examines the nature of healing in its broader contexts, ranging from personal and interpersonal healing to planetary healing. It can be streamed using the audio player above. A CD quality audio file is available for download here

Interview with M.H.Sc. (Osteopathy) Student, Victoria University, On ‘Grandfather’ Osteopaths in Victoria and the Registration Process, May 2004

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Audio Productions

Remembering Hiroshima. Thomas Merton and the Original Child Bomb. “Original Child Bomb” is one of a small number of pieces written by Thomas Merton which he described as “anti-poems.” This unusual group includes “Chant to be Used in Processions around a Site with Furnaces”( an interpretation of which can be heard here). Merton’s anti-poems are characterised by the conscious and ironic use of the debased but now-commonplace language that masks the horror of genocide. In his essay “War and the Crisis of Language”, Merton wrote: “Poets are perhaps the ones who, at the present moment, are most sensitive to the sickness of language – a sickness that, infecting all literature with nausea, prompts us not so much to declare war on conventional language as simply to pick up and examine closely a few chosen pieces of linguistic garbage.”

“Original Child Bomb” was collaboratively recorded and produced in July 2012 by Vincent Di Stefano in Melbourne, Australia and Chaz Kilmer in Fort Collins, Colorado. Audio.

A Beautiful Bohemian was produced early in 2010. It tells the story of Darren Jones, a young musician and father, through the voices of those who knew him and loved him. Darren Jones was murdered in an unprovoked knife attack in February 2006 while returning by train from classes at the Victorian College of the Arts in Melbourne.

This documentary carries the voices of Darren’s community of musicians and family members. It includes both the music of Darren Jones and a number of tributes composed by fellow musicians. This program offers a poignant account of the difficult process of healing that follows such a senseless and violent act.

The audio player above carries the original 54 minute program which was broadcast in March 2010 on 3MDR Emerald and 3PBS Melbourne. An abridged 30 minute version of A Beautiful Bohemian was broadcast on ABC Radio National’s “360 Documentaries” in September 2010 and can be heard here.